Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome to the DOME Cycle Lab

Welcome! The DOME Cycle Lab is located here in Los Alamos, NM to help make your cycling experience amazing!

The DOME is a Bicycle Service Shop and Information Center that has been serving Los Alamos Cyclists since 1997.

The DOME is an appointment-only bicycle studio located in Los Alamos.
The expert mechanic--Scott Beguin--is absolutely interested in making sure your bike is up and running smoothly, and all work is guaranteed.
While Mr. Beguin's outside interests include climbing ice mostly, as well as rock, he definitely takes his mechanics seriously. He wants nothing more than to ensure that your bike is is as quiet, smooth, and in perfect operating condition as possible.
Welcome to The DOME's new Cycle Lab and Blog--we look forward to communicating news and information related to our cycling community!!